Jim Ibaugh Dedication

On August 23rd SPARC Dedicated the new operating building to Jim Ibaugh Pictures can be found below.


The building dedication program can be found HERE

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Out of Cycle Work Session Scheduled for this Saturday

We need a crew to come together this Saturday starting at 8 AM. We suffered some storm damage at the site that we need to attend to ahead of the meeting next Tuesday.

Also the 2M repeater is off air as the output is severely down, unrelated to the above. Harry has it on the bench and will report its diagnosis at the meeting.

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Field Day 2016 Announcement

Sparc will participate in Field Day

June 25th and 26th,
at our site,
1715 Breneman Road Manheim, PA.

The activities will start at 8AM Saturday and will run through the night. We will conclude operations around 1 on Sunday.

Guests are welcome to visit from Noon through 8PM on Saturday, and from 8AM till Noon on Sunday.

We plan to hold operations on Voice, CW, and digital modes. There will be attempts throughout the day to make a satellite contact as well.

We will operate a Get on the Air station for new ham operators or non licensed holders to try out an amazing experience.

Come out and watch what it takes to put a portable Amateur radio operation on the air.

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5th Tuesday is this Month

As part of our 5th Tuesday series we will have Harry Bauder speak on his trip to China.
Come join us at the Rapho Township building Tuesday 3/29 at 7 PM.
Next Event will be May 31st
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Ready Mount Joy 4

READY MOUNT JOY 4: An opportunity for discussion and demonstration of readiness attitudes, actions and equipment.

21 Feb 1300 – 1600

The format:
  • Module One: Introductions, background, general discussion (1 Hour)
  • Module Two: Subject Matter Expert (SME) Panel fields questions from the group (1 Hour)
  • Module Three: “Show and Tell” SME’s explain and demonstrate various equipment (1 Hour)
If you have not yet registered, please do so. CLICK HERE to register
Also See flyer here
Be Ready – Be Safe,
Rick Hamm, MEP
Deputy EMC
Mount Joy Borough
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Winter Storm Announcements.

Due to the winter storm the HARC Hamfest has been postponed till next week.


Also from PEMA this announcement.
Due to the impending weather PEMA ACS will be activating this weekend.
The PEMA SEOC will be activated to an “enhanced” level on Friday evening.  PEMA ACS personnel will be monitoring HF Voice Operations on 3.9935N LSB UHF  and the Eastern Area Office will monitor 3.9875N LSB UHF.   We will also be monitoring PaNBEMS on 3.5830N Olivia 1500 Hz 8/500.  They will be taking reports of snowfall amounts from counties and others…  Our hope is to keep the SEOC and our command staff informed with the most up to date information on snowfalls by location.  This should provide a much more accurate picture of how bad it is in different parts of the state than the news would.  It should also help us to keep PennDOT informed as to snow amounts and may directly affect their decision making about plowing roads.  We don’t expect the snow to hit until later in the evening but it may come in earlier.  We hope that you will be able to reach us to share information on snowfall amounts.   If you do not have UHF capability, please let me know what UHF or VHF frequencies you will be operating on and I will add your frequencies to my operational ICS-205 so that our guys can listen communicate with you.   If this does not work, our landline in the radio room is 717-346-3101.
On Saturday morning both the PEMA SEOC and EAO will be operating in a Level 2 activation mode.  Both radio rooms will continue to monitor.  Using the daytime frequencies on the attached ICS-205.   Western Area will have staff monitoring our Western Area channels as well.  We expect to remain in an activated state until sometime on Sunday.
PEMA ACS would not be able to provide information like what is needed this weekend without the support that you, the  ACS units, RACES, ARES and Skywatch teams that serve your county and local governments provide.  It is truly a team effort.   Those of you who know me know that I am sincerely grateful for your support.  Much appreciated.  I can be reached at the number below if you have any questions.
Susan D. Singer | ComLEmergency Management Specialist,
Commonwealth EMAC & ACS Coordinator
Division of Logistics & Resource Management
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
2605 Interstate Drive | Harrisburg, PA  17110
Phone:  717.836.3162| Cell:  717.712.8931|  Fax:  717.651.2021
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Harc Winterfest Flyer is Here

Harc has posted their Winterfest flyer!
Sparc always puts up a table and we do quite well raising money for the club.
Winterfest 2016 Harrisburg Pa
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Field Day 2015 Results are In!

The official results from Field Day 2015 are in and posted

  • Sparc Pulled in 5030 point placing 265th of 2720 filled logs
  • With that we came in the top 9% of participants overall
  • We were in the top 7% for all 4A stations
  • We placed 6th in our Section of EPA and 2nd Portable operation in our section We will get you Lehigh ARC!

ARRL results database

We Can definitely do better next year, and Will definitely give it a go
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Sparc Looking to Activate Hopewell Furnace


The ARRL just announced a year long contest for 2016 to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Parks service.

A few of us thought it would be great to activate the Hopewell Furnace National Park Saturday May 14th. The idea is to arrive on site that morning setup 4-6 separate sites and operate from 11AM till 5PM.

Locations would be setup as CW, Phone and Digital running 40/10 and 20/15 meter band combinations. The max we could do is 6 locations in this configuration. This is open to all amateur radio operators in the area and we will extend invitations to the surrounding clubs to see who wishes to help activate a location on that day.

If you have questions or are interested in helping plan this excursion please reach out to SPARC via email @

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5th Tuesday Events Start Next Week.

We will be filling the 5th Tuesdays of the month with a special presentation.
They will be DX, and travel oriented.

This first one is a special event as our own Dale Long will present on his efforts to re-establish the AM broadcast station on Haiti. The Meeting will be at the township building and start at 7 PM.

Hope to see you then. The next meeting will be March 29th, 2016.

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